Navizon Global Positioning System

Wi-Fi and Cell-id location

Navizon Global Positioning System enables mobile device users to determine their geographic position by using the location of cell phone towers (cell-id) and Wi-Fi access points in addition to GPS. This is crucial indoors and in urban environments, where GPS signals are blocked.

Navizon's global cell-id and Wi-Fi locations database was created through crowdsourcing by a community of more than 1.2 million registered users from around the world. Crowdsourcing enables gathering millions of data points every day, making the Navizon Wi-Fi and cell-id database truly dynamic and global.

Coverage maps: Cellular Coverage and WiFi Coverage

Navizon Library for Mobile Devices

Create location-aware apps for mobile apps and laptops

This is a client-side library that provides access to Navizon's Global Positioning System or Navizon Indoors, or both, depending on your license.

When using Navizon Global Positioning System in areas where GPS signals are not available, the library will use Wi-Fi and Cellular signals to establish the device' position. When GPS is available, it will enhance Wi-Fi and Cellular positioning with GPS data, providing an even more accurate location.

When using Navizon Indoors, the library will provide accurate room-level positioning indoors by accessing the database of Wi-Fi fingerprints collected during the site survey. Click here for more information on Navizon Indoors and the site survey mechanism.

Please contact us for further information, to obtain an evaluation license key and for downloading instructions.

Web Services API

Remote Access to Navizon's cell-id and Wi-Fi databases.

The web services API provides programmatic access to Navizon's global database of cell-id (GSM, 3G, CDMA, LTE) and Wi-Fi access point locations.
Navizon's web services API enables applications to submit via HTTP a cell id and/or Wi-Fi access point identifier and signal strength to obtain its geographic location, latitude and longitude, plus a confidence radius.
Navizon's web services API is available by subscription.

Please contact us for additional information.

Enterprise Solutions

Local access to Navizon's Global WiFi and/or Cell-ID database

For deployments requiring very high performance, availability and security, we also offer an Enterprise solution that will allow customers to access our WiFi and Cell-ID database while staying inside their local network.

Please contact us to learn more.
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