Learn more about Navizon's Global Positioning technology

Navizon estimates a mobile device's current geographic location, latitude and longitude, by triangulation using as references the cell phone and Wi-Fi signals the mobile device receives, in addition to GPS.


  • Triangulation

    Navizon is a geographic positioning system for mobile devices that estimates their locations by triangulation, using Wi-Fi, cellular phone and GPS signals. It works on all networks (GSM, CDMA, 3G) and across all operators throughout the world. It should be noted that Navizon only listens for signals and does not attempt to connect to any wireless networks.
  • Global Database

    Navizon has collected a global database with the geographic locations of Wi-Fi access points and cellular phone towers. For more information on our coverage, you can check our Cellular coverage map and WiFi coverage map
  • Coverage

    See the results of our crowdsourcing program over time :
    Watch the coverage
  • Crowdsourcing

    Navizon relies on a community of over one million registered users to collect information about Wi-Fi and cellular tower locations. This approach allows us to offer a truly global coverage and a dynamic database that is constantly updated.